Experience in obtaining laminated aluminum composites by asymmetric accumulative roll bonding

O.D. Biryukova, A.M. Pesin, D.O. Pustovoitov show affiliations and emails
Received: 15 September 2022; Revised: 20 September 2022; Accepted: 13 October 2022
Citation: O.D. Biryukova, A.M. Pesin, D.O. Pustovoitov. Experience in obtaining laminated aluminum composites by asymmetric accumulative roll bonding. Lett. Mater., 2022, 12(4) 373-378
BibTex   https://doi.org/10.22226/2410-3535-2022-4-373-378


New rolling mill 400 for asymmetrical rolling in NMSTU, MagnitogorskThe issue of asymmetric processing of long products in the range of speed ratios of work rolls from 2 to 5 has not been widely studied and is of interest from the point of view of increasing both the strength and ductility of metal products. An area of severe plastic deformation was found, showing the relationship between shear strain and shear angle, at which large compressive strains and ultra-high shear strains occur. An analysis was made of the values of equivalent deformations of laminated aluminum composites obtained both after the first and second processing cycles, modeled in the DEFORM and QForm software systems. The paper defines a rational range of the speed ratios of work rolls, which makes it possible to obtain not only the rectilinear movement of the metal at the exit from the deformation zone, but also the maximum elongation, the ratio of tensile strength to the yield strength for laminated aluminum composites. A regularity has been deduced showing that with an increase in the speed ratio of work rolls, the rolling forces decrease, the value of the relative reduction at a constant roll gap increases. At the maximum speed ratio of the rolls (5), melting of the samples occurs.

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1. Russian Science Foundation - grant of the Russian Science Foundation (project No. 22-49-02041 dated 09.03.2022)
2. Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation - a grant of the Ministry of Science and Higher Education (project No. 075-15-2021-627 dated 08.06.2021)