Papers accepted for publication

A microphotograph of a cross-section of SMFM-Pb with a porous bronze layer having a "columnar" structure: 1 - steel base, 2 - spike of the bronze layer, 3 – PTFE-composition.

Investigation of Tribological Properties of Sheet Metalfluoroplastic Materials

V. Kornopol'tsev, D. Mognonov, O. Ayurova, M. Dashitsyrenova, A. Subanakov
On the original laboratory bench, which allows to simulate the technological cooling rates of hot-rolled sheets in the process of controlled thermomechanical processing, the thermal effect of bainitic transformation in low-carbon low-alloy tube steel 06G2MB type is determined.

Thermal effect of bainitic transformation in tube steel by accelerated cooling

M.L. Lobanov, G.M. Rusakov, V.N. Urtsev, Krasnov Maksim Lvovich Maksim Lvovich, Mokshin Evgeniy Dmitrievich Evgeniy Dmitrievich, Shmakov Anton Viktorovich Anton Viktorovich, S.I. Platov