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In the present work, the efficiency of pulsed photon processing in increasing the hardness and adhesive strength of the surface of hot-pressed semiconductor thermoelectric branches based on the Bi2Te3-Bi2Se3 (n-type) and Bi2Te3-Sb2Te3 (p-type) solid solutions. This is achieved by stimulating local recrystallization of the defective layer near the surface of semiconductor branches at a depth of 100-200 nm.

Photon Treatment Effect on the Hardness and Surface Adhesion of Thermoelectric Legs Based on Bi2Te3-Bi2Se3 and Bi2Te3-Sb2Te3 Systems

E.K. Belonogov, V.A. Dybov, A.V. Kostyuchenko, S.B. Kushev, D.V. Serikov, S.A. Soldatenko, M.P. Sumets

Comparative assessment of the effect of exposure temperature and duration on the the tendency to grain growth of new austenitic steel for the core baffle rings of perspective VVER.

The effect of quenching parameters on the structure and properties of radiation-resistant austenitic steel for the VVER core baffle

I.V. Teplukhina, A.S. Tsvetkov, A.V. Kosulnikova
Journal section: Structure design and analysis

So, in this work we performed local modification of the film to create a hidden image on its surface. Subsequent reading and restoration of the recorded image.

Application of nanostructured film systems for recording and storing hidden information

D.G. Kalyuzhnyi, V.A. Aleksandrov, V.V. Besogonov, I.N. Burnyshev

•	Nickel and Cobalt nanoparticles improved the mechanical and structural properties of Fe + 0.5% C alloy.
•	The improvement in the properties is due to a reduction in porosity and increased grain quantities.

Enhancement of structural and mechanical properties of Fe + 0.5 % C steel powder alloy via incorporation of Ni and Co nanoparticles

V.M. Nguyen , G. Karunakaran, T.H. Nguyen , E.A. Kolesnikov, M.I. Alymov, V.V. Levina, Y.V. Konyukhov

The effect of different graphene sources (rGO and TEFG) at low contents on the Nickel-Graphene composites microstructure and mechanical properties is reported.

The effect of reduced graphene oxide (rGO) and thermally exfoliated graphite (TEFG) on the mechanical properties of “nickel-graphene” composites

O.Y. Kurapova, I.V. Smirnov, E.N. Solovyeva, I.Y. Archakov, V.G. Konakov

This work is devoted to the study of the structural and phase composition of materials based on aluminum oxide and chromium borides obtained under SHS conditions without external force and under conditions of free SHS compression, which combines the SHS process and high-temperature shear deformation.

Features of the structure and phase composition of materials based on aluminum oxide and chromium borides obtained under conditions of SHS and free SHS compression

A.P. Chizhikov, P.M. Bazhin, A.M. Stolin
Journal section: Structure design and analysis

At given hydrogen charging conditions the ECAPed steel occludes more hydrogen than the as-received one.

Effect of equal-channel angular pressing (ECAP) and current density of cathodic hydrogen charging on hydrogen trapping in the low-alloy steel

E.D. Merson, P.N. Myagkikh, G.V. Klevtsov, D.L. Merson, A.Y. Vinogradov

The structural features of massive castings (up to 20 tons) are revealed in the process of crystallization and operation under the temperatures of magnetic transformation of the carbide phases (magnetostriction phenomenon). A new approach to characterization of structure formation in a multiphase alloy with the optical-mathematical method for the description of metallographic images is proposed.

Structure formation of high-chromium cast irons in the temperature range of the magnetic transformation of carbide phases

T.S. Skoblo, O.Y. Klochko, E.L. Belkin, A.I. Sidashenko, V.K. Avetisyan
Journal section: Structure design and analysis

The authors propose an original methodology for predictive modeling of graded materials mechanical properties with the help of numerical simulation tools for the further human femur endoprosthesis design.

Modeling the mechanical properties of lattice structures made by selective laser melting

V.S. Sufiiarov, A.V. Orlov, E.V. Borisov, V.V. Sokolova, M.O. Chukovenkova, A.V. Soklakov, D.S. Mikhaluk, A.A. Popovich