Review rules

All submitted manuscripts are peer-reviewed by experts in corresponding research areas. Editors can choose a referee from the editorial board or ask an independent expert to register on the website and become a referee for the manuscript.

Decision on assigning certain referees for submitted manuscripts is made at editorial meeting, accounting for the reviewers proposed by the manuscript authors. Based on this decision, the editors send review requests to the chosen referees, asking to give a reply within two weeks. If there is no reply from the referees, the editors send a reminder (after 7 days) and a final reminder (after 14 days). If none of the referees replies within one month, editorial assigns new referees.

Received reviews are examined at the editorial meetings, where quality of the reviews is estimated. Based on the referees' comments, the editorial makes decision on accepting, rejecting, or revising the manuscripts. New referees are assigned for the manuscript in the case of controversial comments from the referees.

When revised manuscript is received, the editorial can either accept it or send it to a referee for repeated revision. The editorial sends notifications to the authors about all changes of their manuscript. The editorial board informs the authors about all status changes of their manuscript: about successful submission, assigning referees, revision request, acceptance or rejection.