Prediction of the fatigue life of VT1-0 titanium in various structural states under very high cycle fatigue

D.R. Ledon, M.V. Bannikov, V.A. Oborin, Y.V. Bayandin, O.B. Naimark show affiliations and emails
Received 27 July 2021; Accepted 23 September 2021;
Citation: D.R. Ledon, M.V. Bannikov, V.A. Oborin, Y.V. Bayandin, O.B. Naimark. Prediction of the fatigue life of VT1-0 titanium in various structural states under very high cycle fatigue. Lett. Mater., 2021, 11(4) 422-426


Modeling the growth of a crack originating in the sample volumeThe paper presents an experimental methodology for assessing the ultra-high-cycle resource as applied to titanium VT1-0 in the submicrocrystalline and nanostructured states. The program for testing very-high-cycle loading (number of cycles 107 –109) has been experimentally implemented. An “in situ” technique for determining the accumulation of irreversible fatigue damage was used. This technique is based on the analysis of nonlinear manifestations of the feedback signal in a closed system of an ultrasonic fatigue unit. This makes it possible to establish a connection between microscopic mechanisms of fatigue and model concepts and to consider the stages of damage development based on the nonlinear kinetics of defect accumulation during cyclic loading in the regimes of high- and very-high-cycle fatigue. A mathematical model of a deformable solid based on wide-range constitutive relations of the statistical theory of defects is presented. The proposed model contains a structural scaling parameter that allows one to describe the deformation behavior and fracture of the material under study in various structural states. The effect of damage accumulation under gigacycle loading is described. Numerical calculations predict well the experimental Wöhler curves. In an axisymmetric formulation, a boundary value problem is solved — the process of emergence of a crack originating inside the material is modeled.

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