Gradient dislocation substructures at fracture of polycrystalline Cu-Mn alloys

N.A. Koneva, L.I. Trishkina, T.V. Cherkasova
Received: 10 July 2018; Revised: 10 October 2018; Accepted: 12 October 2018
This paper is written in Russian
Citation: N.A. Koneva, L.I. Trishkina, T.V. Cherkasova. Gradient dislocation substructures at fracture of polycrystalline Cu-Mn alloys. Letters on Materials, 2018, 8(4) 435-439
BibTex   DOI: 10.22226/2410-3535-2018-4-435-439


Dependences between dislocation substructures parameters in Cu+0.4аt.%Mn alloy and fracture point Х: 1 – density of broken sub-boundaries Мbs; 2 – density of microbands Nmb, 3 – density of microcracks РcrThe paper presents the TEM investigations of the defect substructure of alloys and its modification with increasing distance from the fracture area. Cu-Mn polycrystalline FCC solid solutions are investigated in this study. The Mn content is 0.4 and 25аt.% and the average grain size is 100m. The test machine INSTRON is used in this experiment to measure tensile and flexural strengths at a room temperature and 2•10-2s-1 deformation rate. Within the fractured areas of specimens, localized deformation is measured each 2•10-3m, as well as the types of the dislocation substructure (DSS) and their various parameters. As a result of this experiment, we establish the substructural sequence in alloys with increasing distance from the point of fracture. In Cu+0.4at.% Mn alloy the following substructural sequence is observed: micro-band, misoriented cellular, non-misoriented cellular, dislocation tangles. Substructural changes in Cu+25at.% Mn alloy occur with increasing distance from the fracture point and include micro-band, cell-network with and without misorientations, dislocation pile-ups, and dislocation chaosic . In both alloys, the broken sub-bondaries are characterized by the high density at the fracture point. It is observed that substructures change gradually, depending on the distance to the fracture point. As a result of this experiment, we detect substructures which condition the alloy fracture at a meso-scale level. Nearby the fracture area, deformation boundaries are misoriented and characterized by the large bending-torsion amplitude of the crystal lattice. Misoriented cellular and micro-band DSS are observed within the fracture area of Cu+0.4at.%Mn alloy. And in Cu+25at.%Mn alloy, the formation of misoriented cell-network DSS and micro-band DSS is observed. Microcracks appear both along the boundaries of misoriented substructures and grain boundaries.

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