Degradation of the layered structure of a Cu / Ta composite during high-pressure torsion

A.M. Patselov ORCID logo , M.S. Pushkin ORCID logo , A.V. Inozemtsev ORCID logo , A.V. Plotnikov ORCID logo , T.P. Tolmachev ORCID logo , V.P. Pilyugin ORCID logo show affiliations and emails
Received 18 February 2024; Accepted 31 March 2024;
Citation: A.M. Patselov, M.S. Pushkin, A.V. Inozemtsev, A.V. Plotnikov, T.P. Tolmachev, V.P. Pilyugin. Degradation of the layered structure of a Cu / Ta composite during high-pressure torsion. Lett. Mater., 2024, 14(2) 136-142


A comparison of results between high pressure torsion (HPT) experiments with transformation the layered Cu-Ta composites into metal matrices one.Experiments were carried out to subject a seven-layer copper and tantalum composite to high-pressure torsion. The method of scanning electron microscopy was applied to study morphology changes of layered structure as strain increased. By means of structural analysis of images of the composite cross section, it was possible to assess homogeneity of “mixing” of Cu and Ta layer fragments. The different strain hardening rate of the Cu / Ta composite compared to the previously published data is discussed on the basis of pressure distribution features in thin samples. The use of “unconstrained” type anvils for the high-pressure torsion method allows for intensifying the hardening process of the composite material. The observed value of microhardness increase per unit of conventional strain is notably higher than in case of the “constrained” configuration.

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