Effect of hot forging on formation of a fine-grained structure and mechanical properties of a powder metallurgy nickel base superalloy

R.I. Zainullin, S.K. Mukhtarov, A.A. Ganeev, R.V. Shakhov ORCID logo , V.M. Imayev show affiliations and emails
Received 15 September 2023; Accepted 26 October 2023;
Citation: R.I. Zainullin, S.K. Mukhtarov, A.A. Ganeev, R.V. Shakhov, V.M. Imayev. Effect of hot forging on formation of a fine-grained structure and mechanical properties of a powder metallurgy nickel base superalloy. Lett. Mater., 2023, 13(4s) 414-419
BibTex   https://doi.org/10.22226/2410-3535-2023-4-414-419


BSE images of HIP superalloy VV751P and after forging and heat treatment.The Russian powder metallurgy (PM) superalloy VV751P (Ni-10(Al, Ti, Nb)-34.5(Co, Cr, Mo, W, V, Hf)-0.057(C, B) (wt.%) was studied in the present work. The initial material was supplied in the HIPed condition. The average γ grain size in the initial HIPed condition was d ≈ 32 µm, the volume fraction of the γ' (Ni3(Al, Ti, Nb)) phase was about 65 %. Primary γ' phase was located along γ grain boundaries forming a network. Any additional phases, such as oxides or topologically close-packed phases were not detected. Small cylindrical samples were prepared from the HIPed material and subjected to isothermal single-step compression under different temperature / strain rate conditions (T =1100 –1175°C and έ = 5 ×10−4 – 10−2 s−1), followed by heat treatment. Microstructural examination revealed that continuous dynamic recrystallization occurred during hot compression. Compression tests were used to develop processing providing formation of a homogeneous and fine-grained microstructure with an average γ grain size less than 10 µm and near free of the prior boundary precipitates. Using developed processing the workpieces with a fine-grained microstructure were produced, from which the specimens for tensile tests were prepared. The tensile properties were found to be appreciably higher than those obtained in the HIPed condition.

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