Effect of cryogenic rolling on structure and mechanical properties of ultrafine grained 1570C alloy

E.V. Avtokratova, O.S. Sitdikov, R.R. Zagitov, V.V. Tereshkin, S.V. Krymskiy, O.E. Latypova, M.V. Markushev show affiliations and emails
Received 26 September 2023; Accepted 06 November 2023;
Citation: E.V. Avtokratova, O.S. Sitdikov, R.R. Zagitov, V.V. Tereshkin, S.V. Krymskiy, O.E. Latypova, M.V. Markushev. Effect of cryogenic rolling on structure and mechanical properties of ultrafine grained 1570C alloy. Lett. Mater., 2023, 13(4s) 426-430
BibTex   https://doi.org/10.22226/2410-3535-2023-4-426-430


The combination of hot MIF and subsequent cryorolling is a highly efficient method for producing (ultra)fine grained aluminum sheets from 1570C alloy with unique mechanical properties.The effect of thermomechanical processing, combining multidirectional isothermal forging (MIF) at a temperature of 325°C to a true strain of about 12 and subsequent isothermal rolling at −196°C with total reduction of 70 %, on the structure and mechanical properties of the hard-to-deform alloy 1570C (Al-5.0Mg-0.18Mn-0.2Sc-0.08Zr-0.01Fe-0.01Si (wt.%)) was investigated. In the MIF step, a relatively uniform (ultra)fine grain structure with a grain (subgrain) size of 2.2 (1.9) μm was produced, which improved the rollability of the alloy and allowed its successful cryorolling to high strains without cracking. Cryorolling resulted in the pancaking and subdivision of the (ultra)fine grains and provided a highly work-hardened matrix with high dislocation densities. Such structural transformations resulted in an exceptional balance of room temperature strength and ductility: yield strength 580 MPa, ultimate tensile strength 610 MPa and elongation of about 7 %. The nature of the structure / property relationships is discussed.

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