Effect of homogenization on the structure, hardness and corrosion resistance of 1570C alloy

E.V. Avtokratova, O.S. Sitdikov, R.R. Zagitov, M.V. Markushev show affiliations and emails
Received: 15 September 2022; Revised: 12 October 2022; Accepted: 14 October 2022
Citation: E.V. Avtokratova, O.S. Sitdikov, R.R. Zagitov, M.V. Markushev. Effect of homogenization on the structure, hardness and corrosion resistance of 1570C alloy. Lett. Mater., 2022, 12(4s) 388-393
BibTex   https://doi.org/10.22226/2410-3535-2022-4-388-393


The single-step (low-temperature) homogenization of the Al alloy 1570C, recommended by the alloy developers, did not lead to the complete removal of chemical heterogeneity arising during crystallization. An additional high-temperature annealing step resulted in some reduction in the alloy strength, but was effective in eliminating the chemical heterogeneity of the cast structure and increasing corrosion resistance while maintaining the grain size and dispersity and coherency of the nanosized Al3(Sc,Zr) dispersoids present in the alloy.Influence of homogenizing annealing on the parameters of grain structure, phase constituents involving nanoscale aluminides of transition metals, hardness and corrosion resistance of the aluminum alloy 1570C (Al-5Mg-0.18Mn-0.2Sc-0.08Zr, mass.%) ingot was studied to optimize its heat treatment regimes according to a two-stage annealing scheme. At the first step, the ingot was annealed at 360°С for 6 hours (conventional route). At the second step, the annealing was performed at various temperatures in the range of 400 – 520°C for 1 hour. It was found, that additional high-temperature annealing resulted in some reduction in the alloy strength. However, it was quite effective to eliminate the chemical heterogeneity of the cast structure and increase the corrosion resistance maintaining grain size, dispersity and coherency of Al3(Sc, Zr) precipitates.

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