Study of the effect of ultrafast heating on the structure and shape of the gas phase synthesized Cu nanoparticless

I.V. Chepkasov, Y.Y. Gafner, E.D. Kurbanova, V.A. Polukhin show affiliations and emails
Received  23 November 2014; Accepted  30 December 2014
Citation: I.V. Chepkasov, Y.Y. Gafner, E.D. Kurbanova, V.A. Polukhin. Study of the effect of ultrafast heating on the structure and shape of the gas phase synthesized Cu nanoparticless. Lett. Mater., 2014, 4(4) 249-252


Molecular dynamics method using the tight-binding potential to carry out simulation of ultrafast heating of the synthesized particles from the gas phase to a temperature T = 600 K and T = 900 K, at which the particles were kept about 10 ns. As a result of the simulation revealed that the method of ultrafast heating the particles to high temperatures virtually eliminates the possibility of a clusters of defective education, but as a result of the heat treatment, the some of investigated particles can disconnect (burst) into smaller clusters.

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