Comparison of the results of texture analysis of zirconium alloys based on the data of backscattered electron diffraction and X-ray radiation of different powers

M.G. Isaenkova ORCID logo , O.A. Krymskaya, K.E. Klyukova, A.V. Bogomolova, P.S. Dzhumaev, I.V. Kozlov, V.A. Fesenko show affiliations and emails
Received 17 July 2023; Accepted 06 September 2023;
Citation: M.G. Isaenkova, O.A. Krymskaya, K.E. Klyukova, A.V. Bogomolova, P.S. Dzhumaev, I.V. Kozlov, V.A. Fesenko. Comparison of the results of texture analysis of zirconium alloys based on the data of backscattered electron diffraction and X-ray radiation of different powers. Lett. Mater., 2023, 13(4) 341-346


Crystallographic texture is an important characteristic of all anisotropic polycrystalline materials. The formation of recrystallization texture in Russian zirconium alloys is analyzed using Debye rings obtained by shooting with a synchrotron beam, the traditional X-ray method, and backscattered electron diffraction.The crystallographic texture determines the anisotropy of zirconium alloys and is a sensitive indicator of all processes occurring in materials during plastic deformation, heat treatment, and operation. At present, the development of methods of scanning electron microscopy (SEM), as well as synchrotron radiation diffraction (SRD), makes it possible to significantly simplify the laborious procedure of texture analysis using the traditional X-ray diffraction method based on the results of the “reflection” survey. This work is devoted to the development of methods for quantitative X-ray texture analysis of deformed and annealed zirconium tubes using synchrotron radiation and the comparison of this data with the results obtained by the traditional X-ray texture analysis method. The results of texture analysis performed by different methods are compared. It is shown that when using the SEM and narrow beams of synchrotron radiation, the texture analysis is not very representative. Regularities are established for the improvement of the phase structure in deformed E110 and E635 alloys during annealing in the temperature range 480 – 640°С, as well as some features of the SEM and SRD data. Regularities of recrystallization of the α-Zr-phase in the case of the presence of up to 1.6 wt.% of the β-phase are revealed.

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1. The work was carried out with the financial support of the Russian Federation represented by the Ministry of Science and Higher Education of the Russian Federation - Agreement No. 075-15-2021-1352