Research on heat resistance properties of coatings deposited by electrospark alloying on steel C45 by nickel-chromium alloys

A. Kozyr, L. Konevtsov, S. Konovalov, S. Kovalenko, V. Ivashenko


Arrangement of elements in modified surface layers obtained after ESA of steel 45. Alloying material: а) Cr, b) X20Cr13, c) NiCr80-20, d) 12Ni14.Electrospark alloying with chromium-nickel steels X12CrNiTi18-9, X8Cr22Ni6Тi, X20CrNi72, X20Cr13, 12Ni14, heat-resistant alloys NiCr80-20 and pure metals Cr and Ni on samples of their steel 45 has been carried out. It is established that the resistance to oxidation of the formed doped layer in the temperature range 25-1000°C depends on the combination alloying elements of Ni and Cr, transferred by the anode material during electrospark alloying. The resistance of the samples of gas corrosion during the differential thermal analysis in the temperature range 25-1000°C and the heat-resistant test for 7h at 730°C in a series of doped layers formed by Cr, Cr-Ni alloy, heat-resistant steels, where the chrome coating exhibits the greatest resistance to thermal action. The conditions for the formation of a heat-resistant protective layer on steel С45 are determined: a) the presence of unrestricted solid solutions based on Cr, N, and Fe in the structure of the doped layer; b) the ratio of the elements in the doped layer is Cr (15 wt%) and Ni (40 wt%). The most balanced ratio in the doped Cr layer (15 wt%) and Ni (40 wt%), capable of forming on the surface of the doped layer protective structures based on Cr2O3, NiO, NiCr2O4, to resist oxidation and to protect the substrate from structural steels. It is proposed to use as alloying alloy NiCr80-20 alloy, which provides in the process of electrospark alloying a balanced ratio of Cr and Ni in the doped layer of steel 45 for formation of heat-resistant protection.

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