Structure and properties of welded joint of a D16T alloy obtained by linear friction welding

S.K. Kiseleva, V.V. Astanin, L.U. Gareeva, M.V. Karavaeva, V.M. Bychkov, A.Y. Medvedev, I.V. Alexandrov, F.F. Musin


Microstructure and mechanical properties in the welded zone formed by linear friction welding (LFW) in Al-Cu-Mg alloy D16T have been investigated. It has been revealed that the weld formed by LFW of two samples of rectangular shape does not possess any macroscopic defects and has high strength. It has been also revealed that the substantial transformation of the microstructure occurs in the weld zone during plastic deformation and deformation heating being сharacteristic for LFW.

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