Impact of hard element on the free surface of an elastic material

M.A. Bubenchkov, A.I. Potekaev, A.M. Bubenchkov, A.V. Malozemov


The paper presents an example of the simplest mathematical techniques to determine the maximum deformation of the free surface of an elastic body in contact with the non-deformable element. Considerable attention is given to the calculation in the position of a free surface. Since the model operates with an incompressible elastic medium, the displacement components completely satisfy the Laplace equation , for which the maximum principle holds , which is that the maximum (limit ) on the boundary deformation are achieved on the free surface , although the stresses on this site are minimal. This problem is important in the study of the processes of deformation of the contact surfaces of elements of different mechanisms , where the question of determining the limit of elastic deformation is structurally important.
material , mathematical modeling, potential displacement , iterative- difference technique .

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