Modeling of the thermal effects on synthesized from the gas phase copper nanoparticles

I.V. Chepkasov, Y.Y. Gafner, A.R. Khalikov show affiliations and emails
Received  31 January 2014; Accepted  26 June 2014
This paper is written in Russian
Citation: I.V. Chepkasov, Y.Y. Gafner, A.R. Khalikov. Modeling of the thermal effects on synthesized from the gas phase copper nanoparticles. Lett. Mater., 2014, 4(3) 205-208


With the molecular dynamics method on the basis of the tight- binding potential there were simulated the processes of heat treat-ment of copper nanoparticles synthesized from the gas phase. To analyze of thermal effects on the shape and structure of the syn-thesized particles at their smooth heating in a temperature range from 100 to 1200 K was produced. The studied researches showed some tendencies that are characterized for the process of heat im-pact on generated from the gas phase nanoparticles. It was con-cluded that as a result of significant short-term heating there is a of ordering the internal structure of 70% of agglomerated nanoparti-cles with the preferential formation of the spherical shape, the remaining 30% of the studied clusters didn’t observe a unified form.

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