Analysis of the superplastic forming of 3-sheet structure using Perzyna’s model

A.A. Kruglov, A.Y. Samoilova, A.A. Slesareva, O.P. Tulupova, F.U. Enikeev


Superplastic forming of 3-sheet structure consisting of the core sheet placed between two face sheets is considered. Deforming of the 3 sheets structure is effected due to the action of an inertia gas which is supplied between the sheets. Main attention is paid to taking into account the influence of parameters of Perzyna’s model on the time characteristics of the process involved. Analytical model of the process under study is based on the main assumptions of the thin shell theory. The results obtained are compared with corresponding finite element solutions of the boundary-value problem in the mechanics of viscoplasticity that are found by means of usage of ANSYS program. The conclusion is made that the analytical approach suggested is suitable in analyzing the time characteristics of the technological process under study.

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