Orientation-dependent evolution of the microstructure in polycrystalline cooper deformed by tension

N.Y. Zolotorevsky ORCID logo , V.V. Rybin, E.A. Ushanova, V.N. Perevezentsev show affiliations and emails
Received: 15 May 2023; Revised: 03 August 2023; Accepted: 07 August 2023
Citation: N.Y. Zolotorevsky, V.V. Rybin, E.A. Ushanova, V.N. Perevezentsev. Orientation-dependent evolution of the microstructure in polycrystalline cooper deformed by tension. Lett. Mater., 2023, 13(4) 329-334
BibTex   https://doi.org/10.22226/2410-3535-2023-4-329-334


Grain fragmentation in tensile strained copper is orientation dependentThe microstructure has been analyzed using the EBSD technique in two locations of the neck region of the cooper tensile specimen, the local true strains in which were estimated as 0.45 and 1.15. It was shown that the orientation-dependent evolution of the microstructure occurs concurrently with the development of the crystallographic texture. Grains oriented in the [111] corner of the stereographic triangle accumulate a high density of extended low-angle boundaries delineating cell blocks, but keep a relatively uniform orientation of the tensile direction. Inside grains oriented in the [100] corner, the density of cell block boundaries is significantly lower. Nevertheless, the latter grains lose their uniform orientation, which is accompanied by the appearance of deformation fragments having high-angle boundaries. These peculiarities of the microstructure evolution are discussed in terms of polycrystal micromechanics.

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