Superplastic forming of titanium alloys at 700°C

M.R. Shagiev, A.A. Kruglov, O.A. Rudenko, M.A. Murzinova show affiliations and emails
Received 22 September 2022; Accepted 12 October 2022;
Citation: M.R. Shagiev, A.A. Kruglov, O.A. Rudenko, M.A. Murzinova. Superplastic forming of titanium alloys at 700°C. Lett. Mater., 2022, 12(4) 332-335


Better formability of the novel alloy is mainly due to the high content of the beta phase.
Superplastic forming results in improvement of the microstructure homogeneity.The formability of the novel Ti-1.5Al-1.5V-2.75Fe-3.0Mo-0.25Ni-0.1B alloy and the commercial Ti-6Al-4V alloy at 700°С was evaluated in the present study. Experiments have demonstrated the possibility of superplastic forming of both alloys with a fine-grained microstructure at 700°C and a constant argon gas pressure p = 2 MPa. However, the forming time for the novel alloy was only a few minutes (τ = 235 s), while for the Ti-6Al-4V it amounted almost 2.5 hours (τ = 8700 s). The better formability of the novel alloy at 700°С compared to the commercial one is in good agreement with the results of computer simulations performed earlier and is mainly due to an increased content of the β phase. Microstructural analysis showed that low-temperature superplastic forming was accompanied by the development of spheroidization and recrystallization processes. It is important that recrystallization did not lead to a significant grain growth and provided an increase in the structure homogeneity and randomization of the rolling texture. The most significant improvement of microstructure homogeneity after forming at 700°C was observed in the Ti-6Al-4V alloy with the initial partially recrystallized structure.

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