Microstructure and mechanical properties of austenitic steel EK-164 after warm rolling

S.A. Akkuzin, I.Y. Litovchenko ORCID logo , A.V. Kim, E.N. Moskvichev ORCID logo , V.M. Chernov show affiliations and emails
Received 15 September 2022; Accepted 18 October 2022;
Citation: S.A. Akkuzin, I.Y. Litovchenko, A.V. Kim, E.N. Moskvichev, V.M. Chernov. Microstructure and mechanical properties of austenitic steel EK-164 after warm rolling. Lett. Mater., 2022, 12(4s) 394-398
BibTex   https://doi.org/10.22226/2410-3535-2022-4-394-398


The influence of warm plastic deformation by rolling at 600 and 900 °C with a total strain of e = 2 on the microstructure and mechanical properties of the reactor austenitic steel EK-164 has been studied. The resulting fragmented banded microstructure with a well-developed substructure and fine grains provides high strength properties.The influence of warm plastic deformation by rolling on the microstructure and mechanical properties of an austenitic reactor steel is investigated. It is shown that a high total strain degree (e = 2) contributes to the elongation and flattening of austenite grains in the rolling direction. The average grain size decreases from 19.3 µm (in the solution treated state) down to about 0.5 µm. Near the elongated grain boundaries many fine grains with a diameter of less than 0.5 µm are detected. These grains are formed by dynamic recrystallization. The structural states formed in the steel provide high strength properties: the yield strength increases up to the values of 800 MPa at 20°C and 530 MPa at 650°C, which are 4 and 5.6 times higher than in the solution treated state, respectively.

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