Thermal stability of Ti-45Nb mechanically alloyed powder

Z.G. Kovalevskaya, Y.P. Sharkeev, M.A. Khimich, I.A. Glukhov show affiliations and emails
Received 04 September 2018; Accepted 22 October 2018;
Citation: Z.G. Kovalevskaya, Y.P. Sharkeev, M.A. Khimich, I.A. Glukhov. Thermal stability of Ti-45Nb mechanically alloyed powder. Lett. Mater., 2018, 8(4) 443-447


Mechanical alloying of titanium and niobium powders occurs under conditions of severe plastic deformation and leads to the formation of the alloy with nanosized structure. Upper limit of produced structure thermal stability is limited to 500°C.There were researches made of thermal stability of mechanically alloyed Ti-45Nb powder obtained via mechanical alloying of pure components using an AGO-2C high energy planetary ball mill. To evaluate the structural-phase transformations, methods of scanning electron microscopy, transmission electron microscopy and x-ray diffraction analysis were used. The mechanical alloying of titanium and niobium powders occurs under conditions of severe plastic deformation and leads to the homogenization of initial components. As a result the alloy with the structure consisting of different grains mixture is formed. This mixture of nanosized grains is represented by β-TiNb, metastable α-phase and α''-phase. Presence of metastable phases, large amount of interfaces, main phases lattice distortions indicate at presence of high internal energy stored in the material. With the differential scanning calorimetric analysis it was defined that structural-phase transformations occur under the powder heated up to temperatures of about 500°C and 700°C. . During annealing at 500°C the mechanically alloyed powder loses the metastable α''-phase while α-phase becomes in equilibrium. At the same time the process of recrystallization nucleus formation starts in the structure. The annealing at 700°C does not change alloy’s phase composition. The exothermal effect, which is characteristic of this temperature, is connected with the structural transformations in the alloy, in other words, with the recrystallization of plastically deformed material. Based on the results obtained it was concluded, that the thermal stability upper limit of the mechanically alloyed Ti-45Nb powder does not exceed 500°C.

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