Elastic properties and structure of alloys TiNi-TiFe before martensitic transformations

S.A. Muslov1, V.N. Khachin, V.G. Pushin, Yu.I. Chumlyakov
1MSMSU, Delegatskaya, 20/1


Elastic properties of single crystals TiNi-TiFe stable to martensitic transformations (MT), undergo one B2-R and two B2-R-B19' MT are investigated by ultrasonic method. Different types of crystal lattice softening of alloys are established. Microdiffraction, X-rays and electron microscopic studies confirm that before MT crystal lattice becomes unstable to the displacements of the atoms on the static type of plane waves.

Received: 01 December 2014   Revised: 26 March 2015   Accepted: 27 March 2015

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