Folding on the lateral sides of copper monocrystals loaded by uniaxial compression and friction

D.V. Lychagin, S.Y. Tarasov, A.V. Chumaevskii
Received: 19 June 2013; Accepted: 28 July 2013
This paper is written in Russian
Citation: D.V. Lychagin, S.Y. Tarasov, A.V. Chumaevskii. Folding on the lateral sides of copper monocrystals loaded by uniaxial compression and friction. Letters on Materials, 2013, 3(3) 202-205
BibTex   DOI: 10.22226/2410-3535-2013-3-202-205


Strain-induced folds on the lateral faces of copper monocrystals generated in compression and sliding tests have been studied using SEM and OM techniques. It has been established that these folds form at different structural scale levels by similar mechanisms related basically to dis-tortion of faces in the vicinity of their end faces during the so-called "lip" formation. Under compression folds have also been formed on the lateral areas bended and on the strain domain boundaries.

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