Influence of heat treatment on microstructure and hardness of friction stir processed eutectic silumin

N.F. Khayretdinov, D.B. Kabirova, A.K. Valeeva ORCID logo , R.F. Fazlyakhmetov, M.F. Imayev show affiliations and emails
Received 06 September 2023; Accepted 27 November 2023;
Citation: N.F. Khayretdinov, D.B. Kabirova, A.K. Valeeva, R.F. Fazlyakhmetov, M.F. Imayev. Influence of heat treatment on microstructure and hardness of friction stir processed eutectic silumin. Lett. Mater., 2023, 13(4s) 505-510


The artificial aging did not result in any change in the AK12 alloy's microhardness, whereas T6 treatment led to a uniform increase in microhardness throughout all zones of the sample. There was no significant grain growth observed in the aluminum-based solid solution and silicon particles after these heat treatments.The study investigated the impact of post-weld annealing temperature in the range 350 – 550°C and natural aging on the microstructure and microhardness of the eutectic silumin. It was found that the grain size of the aluminum solid solution and silicon particles in the nugget zone, the thickness of the eutectic interlayer and the volume fraction of α-Al in the heat affected zone remained stable during annealing up to a temperature of 550°C. The microhardness of the specimen remains constant across all zones up to an annealing temperature of 400°C. However, it increases as the temperature increases and peaks at 550°C. The eutectic is approximately 50 HV harder than the dendritic cells. After the natural ageing process following welding, the distribution of microhardness displays a distinct W-shape pattern. Artificial ageing did not affect microhardness of the alloy, whereas solution annealing and artificial ageing (T6 treatment) caused a consistent increase in microhardness across all zones of the specimen.

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