The influence of electrical potential on the mechanical properties of commercially pure titanium

K.A. Osintsev ORCID logo , I.A. Komissarova, S.V. Konovalov, S.V. Voronin, X. Chen show affiliations and emails
Received 26 May 2020; Accepted 27 July 2020;
Citation: K.A. Osintsev, I.A. Komissarova, S.V. Konovalov, S.V. Voronin, X. Chen. The influence of electrical potential on the mechanical properties of commercially pure titanium. Lett. Mater., 2020, 10(4) 512-516


The electrical supply was applied to induce an electrical field to the titanium samples, and their microhardness and elastic modulus were measured. The microhardness raised by 11% from 0 V to 1 V, and the elastic modulus increased three times.The mechanical behavior of metallic materials exposed to external energy sources e. g. electric potentials, direct and pulsed currents as well as magnetic fields is a key aspect in assessing the material usability in present day industries. Recent researches have shown that the mechanical properties of materials are sensitive to the state of thin near-surface layers. This state can be changed by an electrical potential that can influence on the energy density of the surface. The paper discusses the effect of electrical potentials (values from 0 to 1 V) on the mechanical properties (microhardness and elastic modulus) of the commercially pure titanium grade 2. It was revealed that the microhardness increased by 11 % at 1 V compared to the initial state. As regards elastic modulus, its values gradually increased from around 100 GPa at 0 V to 300 GPa at 1 V. It has been suggested that the increase of the microhardness and elastic modulus relates to the changes in surface tension of titanium samples. An analysis of the surface tension’s dependence upon an electrical potential was carried out in terms of an electric double layer concept. It was shown that the surface tension coefficient has quadratic dependent on electric potential.

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