Twinning in polycrystalline aluminium deformed by dynamic channel angular pressing

N. Zolotorevsky, V. Rybin, E. Ushanova, I. Brodova, A. Petrova, N. Ermakova
Received: 30 August 2017; Revised: 12 September 2017; Accepted: 12 September 2017
Citation: N. Zolotorevsky, V. Rybin, E. Ushanova, I. Brodova, A. Petrova, N. Ermakova. Twinning in polycrystalline aluminium deformed by dynamic channel angular pressing. Letters on Materials, 2017, 7(4) 363-366
BibTex   DOI: 10.22226/2410-3535-2017-4-363-366


Twin-oriented bands up to 20 m in width appear near grain boundaries of coarse-grained aluminum during single pass of dynamic channel angular pressing. Analysis of their deviations from the ideal twin misorientation showed that they could be formed both at an early and at a later stage of deformation.Experimental evidence of deformation twinning in coarse-grained aluminium is presented for the first time using electron backscatter diffraction technique. This phenomenon occurs when using a novel method of severe plastic deformation referred to as dynamic channel angular pressing. A pressing die had two channels of equal cross-section intersecting at an angle of 90°. Special gun accelerated the sample up to the rate of 100 m s^(-1) and directed it into the die. As a result, the strain rate was about 10^5 s^(-1). Twin-oriented mesobands of 3 to 20 μm in width appear predominantly near grain boundaries after deformation. Crystallographic peculiarities of the mesobands formed in two different grains were examined in detail. Analysis of a deviation of their misorientations from the ideal twin misorientation showed that the first mesoband family could be formed at an early stage of the first pass of the dynamic channel angular pressing, while the second family – at a later stage. The mesobands were suggested to form by successive nucleation and coalescence of microscopic twins during the shear localization. Results have shown that, deformation twinning occurs in aluminum, which is characterized by higher stacking fault energy and higher dislocation mobility, only under high strain-rate dynamic deformation.

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