Deposition of metallic glass coatings by electrospark processing in the medium of granules of Fe39Ni8Cr7W7Mo7Co2C16B14 composition

Received 17 May 2017; Accepted 27 June 2017;
This paper is written in Russian
Citation: A.A. Burkov. Deposition of metallic glass coatings by electrospark processing in the medium of granules of Fe39Ni8Cr7W7Mo7Co2C16B14 composition. Lett. Mater., 2017, 7(3) 254-259


High temperature corrosion resistant coatings of metallic glasses FeNiCrWMoCoCB has been synthesized on the steel 1035 surface  by electrospark machining in the granules medium consisting of crystalline materials of different composition.The article is devoted to the deposition of FeNiCrWMoCoCB coatings on the basis of metallic glasses on a steel 35 substrate by an electrospark treatment in a medium of granules of pure metals and alloys used as electrode materials. X-ray diffraction studies have shown the predominance of the amorphous phase in the coating composition. It is shown that its fraction increases with an increase in the run-in time of the granules mixture used up to 300 min. According to the X-ray data, during annealing, the amorphous phase persists up to the temperature of 600°C and then crystallizes into the phase of a complex iron-based carbide (Cr,Fe,W,Mo)23Fe12(W,Mo)2C12 . The corrosion properties, microhardness and wear resistance of the coatings obtained are studied. Polarization tests in a 3.5 % aqueous NaCl solution showed an increase in the corrosion potential of the coatings with an increase in the run-in time of the granules used. A completely metallic glass coating showed a lower corrosion current and a higher polarization resistance as compared to steel 35. The study of oxidation kinetics has shown that the use of the FeNiCrWMoCoCB coating on steel 35 increases the resistance of its surface to high-temperature gas corrosion by 16 times in 100 hours of testing at a temperature of 700°C. The microhardness of the deposited layers was about 8 GPa that is 4 times higher than that of non-coated steel 35. The wear resistance of the deposited FeNiCrWMoCoCB coatings to dry sliding friction relative to P6M5 steel showed that its wear for 30 km of the test was almost 2 times lower than that of steel 35. The proposed approach opens the possibility for a one-stage synthesis of metallic glasses in the form of coatings in an automatic mode from individual crystalline components.

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