Nonlinear dynamics of domain walls in ferromagnetic materials considering excitation of magnetic solitons on defects

E.G. Evgeniy1, A.M. Gumerov1
1Bashkir State University, Z. Validi St. 32, 450074 Ufa
In this work we have investigated numerically the nonlinear dynamics of the interaction of a single-domain wall with the region of inhomogeneity of the magnetic-anisotropy constant (of rectangular or gaussian shape) in ferromagnets. The dependence of the minimum velocity necessary for going through the inhomogeneous region has been obtained from the parameters of the material and the magnetic breather, which is excited in the region of the defect. We have made a comparison with known analytical and numerical results.
Received: 07 February 2012   Revised: 06 March 2012   Accepted: 08 March 2012
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