Superplasticity and solid-phase bonding of nanostructured materials (Review) Part II. The model of the solid-phase joint formation in titanium alloy under conditions of low temperature superplasticity

R.Ya. Lutfullin1
1Institute for Metals Superplasticity Problems RAS, Khalturin St. 39, 450001 Ufa
The manuscript presents a chronological review of studies dealing with the influence of the effect of superplasticity (SP) on improved solid state weldability of crystalline materials. The manuscript considers a model of solid state joining under conditions of low temperature superplasticity for nanostructured titanium alloy VT6. The data of physical modeling of the process of solid state joining under low temperature SP conditions provide scientific basis for substantiation of practical implementation of nanostructured materials at aircraft and air engine enterprises for developing advanced resource-saving technologies for producing hollow components by pressure welding.
Received: 03 May 2011   Revised: 07 June 2011   Accepted: 21 June 2011
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