Mechanical properties of magnesium alloys prepared according to the technology include rapid crystallization and subsequent compaction

L.L. Rokhlin, T.V. Dobatkina, I.G. Korolkova, E.A. Lukyanova show affiliations and emails
Accepted  28 May 2015
This paper is written in Russian
Citation: L.L. Rokhlin, T.V. Dobatkina, I.G. Korolkova, E.A. Lukyanova. Mechanical properties of magnesium alloys prepared according to the technology include rapid crystallization and subsequent compaction. Lett. Mater., 2015, 5(2) 138-141


The structure and mechanical properties of magnesium alloys containing aluminum, calcium and rare earth metals (Y, Nd, La, Yb), which were obtained by extruding pellets made from the alloy ribbons bystrozakristallizovannyh. Tapes magnesium alloys obtained by quenching from the liquid state by casting on the outer side surface of a rapidly rotating copper disc in a helium atmosphere that provides a high cooling rate during solidification alloys 106K / s. Briquettes izgotalivalis at room temperature. Most of them have been further subjected to extrusion precipitate at 150-200 ° C for the purpose of sealing. The resulting preform was extruded into rods with a diameter of 4.3 mm at a draw ratio of 16 at a temperature 350-430ºS depending on the alloy composition. Fractometrical study sites obtained rarusheniya tensile bars showed no pores, which could be due to their method of preparation. The microstructure of rods by light and transmission electron microscopy showed that the structure of the extruded alloy is heterogeneous with very fine particles of the second phase. The grain size in bystrozakristallizovannyh tapes and compact materials was in the 1-2 micron. The structure of the belt rods and alloys containing rare earth metals, yttrium and neodymium together with aluminum crystals are present or second phases Mg24Y5 Mg12Nd, the separated magnesium solid solution during extrusion, and the larger crystallized from a liquid phase or Al2Y Al2Nd. The presence of these intermetallic compounds within the structure of the material in a significant amount leads to a reduction in its plasticity. Use the described technology for production and processing of magnesium alloys can increase their level of strength properties up to 500 MPa, which is the result of grinding of structural components while maintaining their size with further technological heating and supersaturation magnesium solid solution with its subsequent decay.

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