Characteristics of modified layer configuration formed by micro-arc oxidation on the alloy AK12D (Al-12Si-Mg-Cu-Ni).

R.R. Grin1, R.F. Gallyamova1, N.Y. Dudareva1*, A.A. Sirenko1, F.F. Musin1§
1Ufa State Aviation University, K.Marks 12, 450000 Ufa
The possibility of high hard protective coatings formation on aluminum alloy AK12D by micro-arc oxidation (MAO) was presented. Specific features of the structure of the modified layers on the aluminum alloy of Al-12Si-Mg-Cu-Ni were investigated. The influence on the produced coatings structure and microhardness of process parameters such as installation capacitor capacity, distance between treated surface and electrode and duration of treatment was discovered.
Received: 14 July 2014   Revised: 10 September 2014   Accepted: 11 September 2014
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