Anode plasma electrolytic saturation of low-carbon steel by carbon, nitrogen, boron, and sulfur

S.A. Kusmanov1, A.R. Naumov, I.V. Tambovskiy, P.N. Belkin
1Nekrasov Kostroma State University, 1 May St. 14, 156961, Kostroma, Russia


Possibility of simultaneous saturation of low-carbon steel by carbon, nitrogen, boron and sulfur at the anode plasma treatment in aqueous electrolyte with ammonium chloride, carbamide, boric acid, and sodium thiosulfate is shown. Results of SEM/EDX semiquantitative elemental microanalysis of the surface oxide and diffusion layers are presented. The surface microhardness of the hardened layer reaches 600 HV after treatment at 800 oС with following quenching.

Received: 29 April 2014   Revised: 09 July 2014   Accepted: 15 October 2014

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