Investigation fracture toughness on Beryllium. Part 1

P.I. Stoev, I.I. Papirov, A.A. Nikolaenko show affiliations and emails
Received  08 August 2013; Accepted  30 August 2013
This paper is written in Russian
Citation: P.I. Stoev, I.I. Papirov, A.A. Nikolaenko. Investigation fracture toughness on Beryllium. Part 1. Lett. Mater., 2013, 3(3) 221-224


 Dependence of fracture toughness of various grades of beryllium from purity, grain size, and heat treatment re-gimes was in-process studied. It was installed that characteristics of fracture toughness of beryllium are influenced considerably by a material structure factor, and an absolute values considerably changes from party to party and shows complicated dependence from temperature. Cleavage surface in various zones of destruction of specimen of beryllium was investigated by electron microscope. It was suggested that have worked the two mechanisms of resistance to extending of cracks in beryllium - mechanism of deformation (predominating at >473К) and mechanism of impurity (connected with allocation of secondary phases and predominating at temperatures more low 473К).

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