Structure and shear strength of ultrasonically welded nickel joints

E.R. Shayakhmetova ORCID logo , A.A. Mukhametgalina, M.A. Murzinova, A.A. Nazarov show affiliations and emails
Received 09 November 2023; Accepted 19 November 2023;
Citation: E.R. Shayakhmetova, A.A. Mukhametgalina, M.A. Murzinova, A.A. Nazarov. Structure and shear strength of ultrasonically welded nickel joints. Lett. Mater., 2023, 13(4s) 456-461


Ultrasonic welding of nickel sheets resulted in the formation of an ultra-fine-grained structure in the joint area. Increasing the welding time caused growth of new grains across the joint interface.Ultrasonic welding (USW) of metals is one of the methods for solid-state joining of thin sheets (foils, tapes) and wires. It can be used for joining similar and dissimilar metals and alloys, fabrication of layered and composite materials. This paper presents the results of assessing the shear strength, area fraction of bonding (AFB), linear weld density (LWD) of joints produced by ultrasonic welding of 0.5 mm thick nickel sheets, of fractographic analysis of fracture surfaces, studies of structural changes in the welded samples. Process conditions for producing lap joints with shear strength of 72 MPa have been established. The AFB in the central joint zone was about 60 % of the fracture surface area, and the LWDs measured at ×200 and ×1000 magnifications were about 60 % and 30 %, respectively. The structure in the bulks of welded sheets after USW differed only slightly from the one of initial sheets. In regions of an approximately 50 µm width adjacent to the junction zone, a developed substructure was formed. A layer of recrystallized grains with an average size of 0.6 µm was formed in the junction zone. Increasing the welding time led to the growth of new grains across the welding interface.

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