Deformability of magnesium alloy Mg-2,5Nd-0,6Zr at intermediate temperatures and structures formed

D.R. Nugmanov, O.S. Sitdikov, M.V. Markushev show affiliations and emails
Received 28 November 2012; Accepted 19 December 2012;
This paper is written in Russian
Citation: D.R. Nugmanov, O.S. Sitdikov, M.V. Markushev. Deformability of magnesium alloy Mg-2,5Nd-0,6Zr at intermediate temperatures and structures formed. Lett. Mater., 2012, 2(4) 245-248


Deformability of cast Mg-2,5Nd-0,6Z alloy (%, wt) has been analyzed under isothermal rolling at 250 and 300 ºC. It was established that a good quality sheet could be processed at 300 ºC only. It is shown that the better alloy deformability at that temperature is conditioned by more activated recovery of it structure.

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