Revealing prior austenite grains and analysis of the metadynamic recrystallization kinetics of austenite in hot rolled low carbon steel

T.V. Soshina, A.A. Zisman


On low carbon steel 09HN2MD applied the method of thermal etching in vacuum to reveal austenite grain. The method of stress relaxation in isothermal aging after deformation by compression to investigate the kinetics of recrystallization of austenite with different grain size of the source and defined incubation periods and times of completion of the by thermomechanical simulator Gleeble 3800. Given the technological limitations in the "fractional" hot-rolling schemes investigated were the main mechanism of formation of the structure is static recrystallization of austenite in the intervals between successive compression. In the case of partial dynamic recrystallization of deformed austenite nature of stress relaxation during subsequent exposure makes it possible to identify the characteristics of metadynamic recrystallization.

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