Influence of structure to plastic deformation resistance of aluminum alloy 1560 after groove pressing treatment

E. Moskvichev1, V. Skripnyak2, D. Lychagin3, A. Kozulin2, V. Skripnyak4
1National Research Tomsk State University, Physical technical faculty, lab. problems of dangerous space objects.
2National Research Tomsk State University, Physical technical faculty, chair of mechanics of deformable solid body.
3National Research Tomsk State University, Geology and Geography Faculty, chair of Mineralogy and Geochemistry.
4National Research Tomsk State University, scientific administration, lab. properties of materials under extreme conditions.


In present work the effect of structural changes in the samples, made of 1560 aluminum alloy rolled sheet products of 1.5 mm in thickness, as a result of groove pressing treatment was investigated. The mechanical properties of the material in the as-received condition and after severe plastic deformation are investigated experimentally in a quasi-static uniaxial tensile tests at a strain rate of 1 s^-1. Microhardness of aluminum alloy 1560 as-received condition samples and groove pressed samples was measured by Vickers method. The changes of microhardness rolled sheet 1.5 mm in thickness after groove pressing were determined. It was found that after four treatment cycles rolled alloy sheet, yield strength and fracture resistance was increased in 1.4 and 1.5 times, respectively, and microhardness value increased in ~ 2.7 times. It was found that the hardening of the investigated alloy is accompanied by decrease ultimate strain to failure of 20%. Analysis of results of changes in 1560 aluminum alloy grain structure after groove pressing treatment, conducted by electron backscatter diffraction was presented. The results obtained in present work confirmed with data obtained in previous studies on the impact of severe plastic deformation on the grain structure and mechanical properties of aluminum alloy 1560.

Received: 03 March 2016   Revised: 09 May 2016   Accepted: 13 May 2016

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