Production of bulk samples from Ni based melt-spun ribbons by consolidation on Bridgman anvils

E.A. Korznikova1, G.F. Korznikova1
The structure and properties of Ni based melt-spun ribbons were studied in initial as quenched state and after deformation on Bridgman anvils. It was shown, that the structure of as quenched ribbons is amorphous. Annealing at the temperatures close to the glass transition temperature leads to nanocrystallization of the ribbons. It was determined that large strains in deformation by high pressure torsion can induce partial crystallization in the amorphous matrix. Microscopic study of the fracture surfaces showed that after the failure of both as quenched ribbons and consolidated samples the areas of brittle and ductile fracture were observed.
Received: 21 February 2012   Revised: 13 March 2012   Accepted: 22 March 2012
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