Kinematic Features of Viscous Flow of Amorphous Materials During an Equal Channel Multiple-Angle Extrusion Through a 2-Turn Rectangular Die 

A.V. Perig1, N.N Golodenko2, I.G. Zhbankov1*, I.I. Boiko1§, A.A Sitnik1
1Donbass State Engineering Academy, Shkadinova 72, 84313 Kramatorsk, Ukraine
2Donbass National Academy of Civil Engineering and Architecture, Derzhavina St. 2, 86123 Makeevka, Ukraine
Key energy-power parameters of an Equal Channel Multiple-Angle Extrusion process, theoretical material flow patterns through a 2-turn rectangular die and dynamics of macroscopic rotation formation in amorphous materials have been determined with a numerical finite-difference solution of the curl transfer equation for planar flow of viscous incompressible continua. Good agreement between theoretical and averaged experimental results was found within the scope of physical simulation.
Received: 26 November 2011   Revised: 12 December 2011   Accepted: 16 December 2011
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