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Accepted  29 March 2016
Citation: S. Fomin, E. Korznikova. DISCRETE BREATHERS OF DIFFERENT SYMMETRY IN MONOATOMIC 2D MORSE CRYSTAL. Lett. Mater., 2016, 6(1) 57-60
BibTex   https://doi.org/10.22226/2410-3535-2016-1-57-60


A considerable growth of attention to the investigation of nonlinear, spatially localized vibrational modes called discrete breathers (DB) in defect free lattices is observed in many areas of modern physics. The existence of DB in crystal lattices is provided by the anharmonicity of the interatomic forces, leading to a dependence of vibration frequencies of atoms on their amplitudes. It has been shown that various crystals can support DB having different properties. The study of DB and their effect on crystal properties is a subject for numerous investigations. An important problem is to find the initial conditions to excite a DB. Crystals with Morse interaction potential are convenient objects for investigation of different DB types due to their simplicity. In the present study we focus on the analysis of the two-dimensional monoatomic crystal with Morse interaction potential and reveal the possibility of existence of immobile high symmetry DB in addition to the described earlier moving DB localized in a close-packed atomic row. For excitation of both types of DB similar approach is used, which is the application of a bell-shaped functions on a short-wavelength phonon mode in the nonlinear regime. Amplitude - frequency dependencies of DB central atoms is calculated for both types of DB. In both cases DB frequency lies above the phonon spectrum and increases with the amplitude. Discrete breathers (DB) - is spatially localized large-amplitude vibrational mode in a defect-free nonlinear lattice.

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