Structure of Ni44.4Mn36.2Sn14.9Cu4.5 alloy applicable for thermomechanical treatment

R.Yu. Gaifullin ORCID logo , K.K. Kirilyuk ORCID logo , I.M. Safarov, I.I. Musabirov show affiliations and emails
Received: 18 September 2022; Revised: 21 April 2023; Accepted: 16 May 2023
Citation: R.Yu. Gaifullin, K.K. Kirilyuk, I.M. Safarov, I.I. Musabirov. Structure of Ni44.4Mn36.2Sn14.9Cu4.5 alloy applicable for thermomechanical treatment. Lett. Mater., 2023, 13(2) 164-170


It is shown that necessary the homogenization annealing and subsequent quenching for getting one phase state of Ni44.4Mn36.2Sn14.9Cu4.5 alloy.Ni-Mn-Sn Heusler alloys exhibit a significant value of magnetocaloric effect. A disadvantage of these alloys is their high brittleness in the as-cast state, but their ductility can be increased by a thermomechanical treatment. The results of a study of thermal treatment for achieving a structure of Ni44.4Mn36.2Sn14.9Cu4.5 alloy applicable for further thermomechanical treatment are presented. It is shown that after argon-arc melting and cooling of the ingot in a water-cooled copper crucible, the structure is characterized by two phases that are quite similar in composition and have no clear phase boundaries. After homogenization annealing at 860°C for 24 hours and slow cooling, a two-phase state with regions enriched in Cu atoms is observed. It is possible to preserve the single-phase structure of the high-temperature state by quenching from the annealing temperature. In order to imitate the temperature regime of thermomechanical treatment, the alloy in the single-phase quenched state was subjected to annealing at 700°C for 1 hour and slow cooling. An analysis of the microstructure shows that, as a result, it remains in the same single-phase state. Thus, a mode of heat treatment of the Ni44.4Mn36.2Sn14.9Cu4.5 alloy, which makes it possible to achieve the applicable structure for further thermomechanical treatment, was selected.

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