Search for stable skyrmion lattices at the ground state in a multiferroic nanofilm using artificial neural networks

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Received 07 March 2022; Accepted 19 April 2022;
Citation: A.G. Nugumanov, I.F. Sharafullin. Search for stable skyrmion lattices at the ground state in a multiferroic nanofilm using artificial neural networks. Lett. Mater., 2022, 12(2) 116-120


This work is devoted to the search for such values of the interaction parameters and the intensity of external fields in a three-layer multiferroic film , at which nontrivial topological magnetic structures are stable in the ground state. To reduce the computational complexity of searching in the parametric space, we use the apparatus of artificial neural networksMagnetoelectric nanofilms are of great interest as functional elements of ultra-dense memory cells. In the ground state they may contain various topological magnetic vortex structures of several nanometers in size. The qualitative and quantitative properties of such structures strongly depend on a set of physical parameters. To calculate the ground state configuration with given parameters, we use the steepest descent method. However, to study a large parametric space significant computational resources are required. To solve this problem, we propose the use artificial neural networks (ANN), which can help us uncover the relationship between combinations of parameters and the corresponding ground state configurations using a relatively small number of pre-computed configurations as the training data. The application of the ANN allows one to avoid excessive computational costs in the study of the parametric space and narrow down the parametric area in which the existence of stable non-trivial ground state configurations in the form of a stable skyrmion crystal is possible.

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