Structural peculiarities and mechanical behavior of Fe-Mo-V-Nb-C steel after equal channel angular pressing

E.G. Astafurova, G.G. Zakharova, E.V. Naydenkin, G.I. Raab, P.D. Odessky, S.V. Dobatkin show affiliations and emails
Received 04 December 2011; Accepted 09 January 2012;
This paper is written in Russian
Citation: E.G. Astafurova, G.G. Zakharova, E.V. Naydenkin, G.I. Raab, P.D. Odessky, S.V. Dobatkin. Structural peculiarities and mechanical behavior of Fe-Mo-V-Nb-C steel after equal channel angular pressing. Lett. Mater., 2011, 1(4) 198-202


 An ultrafine-grained low-carbon Fe-Mo-V-Nb-C steel with both coarse (70 nm) and fine (<5 nm) carbides was fabricated by equal channel angular pressing (ECAP). ECAP produces an ultrafine-grained microstructure in steel with an average (sub-)grain size of 325 nm, a microhardness of 3.3GPa and 0.2 pct offset yield strength of 815MPa. The microstructure was found to be stable up to 500 °C. The composition of the carbides, their sizes and their distribution in the microstructure before and after ECAP was analyzed in order to understand their contribution to the me-chanical properties and the thermal stability of the steel. The change in strength properties during ECAP was estimated taking into account the possible strengthening mechanisms of steel.

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