Publishing agreement

Submitting manuscript to Letters on Materials, the Authors warrant understanding and consent with terms and conditions of this Publishing Agreement.


Upon manuscript submission, the Authors pass the rights of publishing the manuscript to the Institute for Metals Superplasticity Problems of Russian Academy of Sciences (Publisher). The manuscript is published only after peer-reviewing by referees and accepting for publication by the editorial. Printed versions of issues with accepted articles are distributed by the journal subscription and individual requests all over Russia and CIS countries. Online version of the published papers are also published on the journal's website.

All published materials are distributed free of charge under Creative Commons Attribution Licence (CC BY).

Rights of Authors

Creative Commons Attribution Licence (CC BY) permits to fully or partially utilize published materials for any purposes, including commercial use, only if the corresponding references are provided to the original work and credits are given to the Authors.

In particular, Authors and third parties are allowed to use the published materials for the following:

  • to include published materials into a theses;
  • to partially reuse the published materials (data, figures, tables, images, text parts) in future publications only if conditions of the Publication Ethics are met;
  • to use the published materials in lectures, seminars, trainings, etc.;
  • to present the published materials in conferences and symposia;
  • for scientific discussions with colleagues.
If any of the published materials has been modified before reuse, details of the modifications must be clearly stated.

Author warranties

Authors warrant upon manuscript submission that the terms of the Publication Ethics have not been violated neither during the work nor during writing the manuscript. In particular, the Authors warrant the following:

  • the manuscript is an original work of the Authors, and it has never been published before in the present form;
  • it has not been published also in a part exceeding 50% of the content in any printed or electronic publications except for preprints;
  • all coauthors (if any) approve submitting the manuscript to Letters on Materials;
  • contents of the manuscript does not violate any existing copyrights. All materials (data, figures, tables, images, text parts) adopted from publications of other authors are provided with appropriate references;
  • the manuscript does not contain any confidential information that is prohibited to be published under current enactments and laws.

Publisher rights

The Publisher is allowed to do the following without notifying Authors:

  • to print out additional copies of journal issue upon corresponding requests;
  • advertise coming and published issues in the press.

Publisher warranties

The publisher warrants that the following actions can be done only with Authors' permission:

  • using entire manuscript or its parts in any other printed or online publications;
  • passing the rights to publish manuscripts to any other publishers.