Radik R. Mulyukov

Radik R. Mulyukov

Dr. Sci., Director
Institute for Metals Superplasticity Problems of RAS, Ufa, Russia

Research areas

strength and plasticity, superplasticity, crystal lattice defects, nanocrystals, ultrafine grained materials, grain boundaries


1. Samigullina A.A., Nazarov A.A., Mulyukov R.R., Tsarenko Yu.V., Rubanik V.V. Effect of ultrasonic treatment on the strength and ductility of bulk nanostructured nickel processed by equal-channel angular pressing. Reviews on Advanced Materials Science. 2014. V. 39. P. 14-34.
2. Khisamov R.Kh., Safarov I.M., Mulyukov R.R., Yumaguzin Yu.M., Zubairov L.R., Nazarov K.S. Effect of formation of a nanocrystalline structure on the electron work function and ion-electron emission of nickel. Technical Physics. 2011. V. 56. No.11. P. 1661-1664.
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5. Valiev R.Z., Korznikov A.V., Mulyukov R.R. Structure and properties of ultrafine-grained materials produced by severe plastic deformation. Mater. Sci. Eng. 1993. V. A168. P. 141‑148.
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