Tomasz H. Czeppe

Tomasz H. Czeppe

PhD, DSc, Professor
Institute of Metallurgy and Materials Sciences of the Polish Academy of Sciences, Reymonta 25 St. 30-059 Krakow, Poland

Research areas

metallic materials, metallic glasses and amorphous materials, intermetallic phases, SME materials, phase transformations and crystallization processes, relation between microstructure, phase transformations and mechanical properties, modern methods in calorimetry and thermal analysis, transmission electron microscopy, thermomechanical characterization of materials,


1. Czeppe T., Korznikova E., Ozga P., Wrobel M., Litynska-Dobrzynska L., Korznikova G.F., Korznikov A. W., Czaja P., Socha R. Composition and microstructure of the Al- multilayer graphene composites achieved by the intensive deformation. Acta Physica Polonica. 2014. V.126. P. 921-927.
2. Sypień A., Czeppe T., Garzeł G., Litynska-Dobrzyńska L., Latuch J., Chinh N.Q. Thermal stability and mechanical properties of the TiCuZrPd glasses with 10, 14 and 20 at.% Pd. J. All.Com. 2014 V.615. P. S108-S112.
3. Maziarz W., Czaja P., Szczerba M. J., Czeppe T., Litynska-Dobrzynska L., Dutkiewicz J. Influence of Ni/Mn concentration ratio on microstructure and martensitic transformation in melt spun Ni-Mn-Sn Heusler alloy ribbons. J. All.Com. 2014. V. 615. P. S173-S177.
4. Paul H., Morawiec A., Baudin T., Czeppe T. TEM study of recrystallization in ultra-fine grain AA3104 alloy processes by high-pressure torsion. Archives of Metallurgy and Materials. 2015. V. 60. P. 131-144.
5. Czeppe T., Korznikova E., Ozga P., Litynska-Dobrzynska L., Socha R. Application of the high pressure torsion supported by mechanical alloying for metal-graphene composites formation. Mechanik. 2015. V. 2. P.147-157.
Last updated on 23 November 2015