Yuri V. Petrov

Yuri V. Petrov

Dr. Sci., Corr. Member of the RAS, Professor
1. Saint Petersburg State University, St.-Petersburg, Russia
2. Institute for Problems of Mechanical Engineering of the RAS (IPME RAS), St.-Petersburg, Russia

Research areas

Dynamic theories of elasticity and plasticity, optimization problems, impact mechanics, dynamic fracture and deformation, structural transformations in a continuous medium, general problems of solid mechanics and physics


1. Y.V. Petrov, B.L. Karihaloo, V.V. Bratov, A.M. Bragov (2012) Multi-scale dynamic fracture model for quasi-brittle materials// International Journal of Engineering Science, 61, 3–9
2. I.I. Argatov, G. S. Mishuris, Yu. V. Petrov (2013) Threshold fracture energy in solid particle erosion. Philosophical Magazine, 93(19), 2485-2496
3. Y. Petrov (2014) Fracture, electric breakdown and phase transformations under impact loading. Procedia Materials Science, 3, 467–472
4. Yu.V. Petrov, A.A. Utkin (2015) Time dependence of the spall strength under nanosecond loading. Technical Physics, 60(8), 1162-1166
5. Yu.V. Petrov, E.N. Borodin (2015) Relaxation Mechanism of Plastic Deformation and Its Justification Using the Example of the Sharp Yield Point Phenomenon in Whiskers. Physics of the Solid State, 57(2), 353–359
Last updated on 01 December 2015