Valery M. Imayev

Valery M. Imayev

Dr. Sci., Head of Lab.
Institute for Metals Superplasticity Problems of Russian Academy of Sciences, Ufa, Russia

Research areas

Materials science of hard-to-deform materials: intermetallics, creep-resistant nickel and titanium alloys, In situ composite materials: manufacturing, processing and properties, Production and properties of fine- and ultrafine-grained alloys, Thermomechanical and heat treatment of advanced materials, Superplasticity, Processing technologies of hard-to-deform materials, Modern methods of materials research


1. Imayev V.M., Gaisin R.A., Imayev R.M. Effect of boron additions and processing on microstructure and mechanical properties of a titanium alloy Ti-6.5Al-3.3Mo-0.3Si. Materials Science & Engineering A. 2015. V. 641. P. 71-83 (eng.).
2. Imayev V.M., Gaisin R.A., Imayev R.M. Effect of boron addition on formation of a fine-grained microstructure in commercially pure titanium processed by hot compression. Materials Science & Engineering A. 2015. V. 639. P. 691-698 (eng.).
3. Imayev V.M., Gaisin R.A., Gaisina E.R., Imayev R.M., Fecht H.-J., Pyczak F. Effect of hot forging on microstructure and tensile properties of Ti–TiB based composites produced by casting. Materials Science & Engineering A. 2014. V. 609. P. 34-41 (eng.).
4. Imayev V.M., Oleneva T., Imayev R., Christ H.-J., Fecht H.-J. Microstructure and mechanical propetries of low and heavy alloyed gamma-TiAl+alpha2-Ti3Al based alloys subjected to different treatments. Intermetallics. 2012. V. 26. P. 91-97 (eng.).
5. Imayev R.M., Imayev V.M., Oehring M., Appel F. Alloy Design Concepts for Refined Cast and Wrought Gamma Titanium Aluminide Based Alloys. Intermetallics. V. 15. 2007. P. 451-460 (eng.).
Last updated on 03 November 2015