Mikhail D. Starostenkov

Mikhail D. Starostenkov

Dr. Sci., Head of Department
Altai State Technical University, Barnaul, Russia

Research areas

Physical modeling, theory of modeling, physics simulation, physics, modeling of physical phenomena and methods of solving physical problems with computer, physics of gases and liquids, Thermodynamics and Statistical Mechanics, anisotropic fluid, liquid crystals, statistical thermodynamics, solid state physics, condensed matter theory , structure of solids, vibrations of the crystal lattices, defects in the crystal structure, mechanical properties of solids, phase equilibria, and phase transitions, Physics of Thin Films, Surfaces and Interfaces, Methods of crystal structure and lattice dynamics, effect of irradiation on the properties of solids, physics of nanostructures , low-dimensional structures, mesoscopic structures, interaction of penetrating radiation with solids, physics of atoms and molecules, atomic clusters, molecular clusters, Mechanics, Physical problems of mechanics, mechanics of deformable solids, plasticity, creep, dislocation theory, Destruction, Strength of Materials


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2. Zakharov P.V., Starostenkov M.D., Dmitriev S.V., Medvedev N.N., Eremin A.M. Simulation of the interaction between discrete breathers of various types in a Pt3Al crystal nanofiber. Journal of Experimental and Theoretical Physics. 2015. V.121. Is.2. P. 217-221. (еng.)
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4. Poletaev G.M., Potekaev A.I., Starostenkov M.D., Soskov A.A., Klopotov A.A., Kulagina V.V., Grinkevich L.S. The Energy of Generation and Migration of Point Defects in the Ordered CuPt and CuPt3 Alloys. Russian Physics Journal. 2015. Vol.58. Iss.1. P. 42-47. (еng.)
5. Chaplygin P.A., Starostenkov M.D., Potekaev A.I., Chaplygina A.A., Klopotov A.A., Kulagina V.V., Grinkevich L.S. Structural-Phase Transformations of an fcc-Alloy During Thermal Cycling. Russian Physics Journal. 2015. Vol.58. Iss.4. P. 485-491. (еng.)
Last updated on 03 November 2015