Elena A. Korznikova

Elena A. Korznikova

PhD, senior research associate

Research areas

metals, SPD, atomistic modeling, nonlinear effects


1. Lattice defect investigation of ecap-cu by means of Х-ray line profile analysis, calorimetry and electrical resistometry Schafler E., Steiner G., Korznikova E., Kerber M., Zehetbauer M.J. Materials Science and Engineering: A. 2005. Т. 410-411. С. 169-173.
2. The presence and nature of vacancy type defects in nanometals detained by severe plastic deformation Setman D., Schafler E., Korznikova E., Zehetbauer M.J. Materials Science and Engineering: A. 2008. Т. 493. № 1-2. С. 116-122.
3. Deformation induced vacancies with severe plastic deformation: measurements and modelling Zehetbauer M.J., Steiner G., Schafler E., Korznikov A., Korznikova E. Materials Science Forum. 2006. Т. 503-504. С. 57-64.
4. Effect of strain on gap discrete breathers at the edge of armchair graphene nanoribbons Korznikova E.A., Baimova J.A., Dmitriev S.V. EPL. 2013. Т. 102. № 6. С. 60004.
5. Discrete breather on the edge of the graphene sheet with the armchair orientation Korznikova E.A., Baimova Y.A., Dmitriev S.V., Mulyukov R.R., Savin A.V. Journal of Experimental and Theoretical Physics Letters (JETP Letters). 2012. Т. 96. № 4. С. 222-226.
6. Microstructure and texture evolution in ultrafine-grained pure Ti processed by equal-channel angular pressing with subsequent dynamic compression Wang L., Wang Y.C., Li S.K., Zhilyaev A.P., Korznikov A.V., Korznikova E., Langdon T.G. Scripta Materialia. 2014. Т. 77. С. 33-36.
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