The effect of temperature and strain rate on tensile behaviour of the Mg-2Zn-0.1Ca alloy

D.L. Merson, I.S. Yasnikov ORCID logo , A.I. Brilevsky ORCID logo , M.L. Linderov ORCID logo , A.V. Danyuk, E.D. Merson показать трудоустройства и электронную почту
Получена 13 декабря 2022; Принята 11 апреля 2023;
Эта работа написана на английском языке
Цитирование: D.L. Merson, I.S. Yasnikov, A.I. Brilevsky, M.L. Linderov, A.V. Danyuk, E.D. Merson. The effect of temperature and strain rate on tensile behaviour of the Mg-2Zn-0.1Ca alloy. Письма о материалах. 2023. Т.13. №3. С.185-190


The inflection point on the dependence of the median frequency of acoustic
emission on strain as an evidence of the intensification of the dynamic
recovery processThe tensile behaviour of magnesium alloy Mg-2Zn-0.1Ca (in wt.%) in the fine-grained state, obtained by multiaxial isothermal forging, has been investigated in a wide range of temperatures (20 ÷ 350)°C and strain rates (5 ×10−4 ÷ 2 ×10−2) s−1 with the measurements of acoustic emission (AE). The dependences of mechanical properties and AE on the test temperature and strain rate were obtained and discussed. It has been established that at temperatures of 200 and 250°C, a dynamic recovery mechanism is realized. The activation energy of the dislocation recovery is calculated, which sharply decreases with increasing strain rate.

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